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Reinvest my dividends

There are two types of Dividend Re-Investment plan:

DRIP; where shares are bought on your behalf, and;

SCRIP; where the shares are newly created/issued per dividend.

Companies choose the type of Re-Investment Plan that they wish to offer. For a current list of companies offering a DRIP, click here.

Please note: for individual and jointly held shareholdings, the DRIP/SCRIP mandate will be applied to the entire holding. All Dividend Re-investment options will be recorded in time for the next payment to be received by preferred method, providing the instruction is received by the last day for election. If your instruction is not received in time, it will be applied to subsequent dividends.

CREST participants
If you are a CREST participant, and wish to make or revoke a dividend re-investment request, please follow the CREST elections process found here.

Please note:
DRIP or SCRIP options can be withdrawn by the client company at anytime.
When this takes place, any existing instruction you’ve given us - to pay your cash dividends to a bank, building society or third party - will then be re-applied as default.

Bank Account Details
If you think that we currently hold out-of-date bank/building society details for any of your shareholdings, please click here for more information.

UK considerations
If you are a UK resident and the company in which you hold shares is listed in the company list, you will be eligible to apply for a DRIP/SCRIP mandate to be applied to your shareholding.

Overseas considerations
If you live outside of the UK, please be aware that some country-specific restrictions are applicable for particular holdings (for example, if you live in the U.S.A. or Canada). Please ensure that you check the Terms & Conditions and your eligibility before applying for a DRIP.

You will need to complete and return a DRIP or SCRIP form to us for each separate shareholding to which you wish the DRIP/SCRIP mandate to be applied.

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