What is the Santander Nominee Service?

The Santander Nominee Service provides UK residents with a simple way of holding their Santander shares. This corporate sponsored nominee service is provided by Equiniti Financial Services Limited, to hold Santander CDIs on behalf of Santander’s UK shareholders.

What are CDIs?

Santander does not issue certificates like the one you may have held with your Abbey National or Alliance and Leicester shares. Instead, your share entitlement is recorded in electronic format in CREST (the UK electronic share clearance and settlement System) as CREST Depositary Interests (CDIs).

CDIs are UK securities that represent a stock traded on an exchange which is based outside of the UK. Because CDIs are UK securities, you can receive dividends in sterling and can buy or sell CDIs easily in the UK.

Each CDI you hold represents one Santander share and the Statement of Entitlement you receive once a year shows your total holding. Statements are issued annually in November or December, however if you require one before this time, you can contact the Santander Shareholder helpline on 0371 384 2000 to request a copy. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm; excluding UK Bank Holidays.

Unique shareholder reference number (URN)

Your unique shareholder reference number helps us to identify you in our records. Whenever you contact us by telephone or in writing, you should quote this number to help us find your details.

You will find it on your dividend statement or annual entitlement statement.

Santander Nominee Service Terms and Conditions

Click here to view the Santander Nominee Service Terms and Conditions.

Need more help?

​If the information or FAQs on this page don't answer your question, you can contact us in any of the following ways:


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Phone0371 384 2000

International callers:
+44 121 415 7188

Textel/ Minicom:
0371 384 2255

Lines are open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm.


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Please include your Shareholder Reference (if you have one). This is the eleven digit number found on your Santander Nominee Service statement, recent dividend information or correspondence.

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Your holding of CDIs through the Santander Nominee Service gives you an entitlement to Banco Santander shares.