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  Choice 2 Sell Instructions

Buy your Walmart shares at 27.45 per share and SELL them immediately.

This service is available for instructions received up to 20 June 2012.

We have arranged a sharedealing service through Equiniti Financial Services Limited on the dates listed below.

Cost of service 25 sales charge, 0.25% currency conversion (of sale proceeds).

Your Walmart shares will be sold and your sale proceeds will be sent to the bank account details that your salary is paid into within 8 working days of the settlement date (the settlement date is 3 days after the sale) of the currency conversion.

The deadline for instructions for first sale on 1 June is: Midnight Friday 18th May 2012!

Instructions received by Equiniti Sale date Funds received by
18 May 2012 01 June 2012 15 June 2012
25 May 20112 08 June 2012 22 June 2012
06 June 2012 15 June 2012 29 June 2012
13 June 2012 22 June 2012 6 July 2012
20 June 2012 29 June 2012 13 July 2012

Online   Text   By post
  1. Follow the online
    exercise process, you will need your Walmart number and your Sharesave account
    number (shown on your maturity statement).

  2. Choose “sell my
    Walmart shares immediately”.

  3. Read the Terms & Conditions.

  4. Confirm and submit your choice and print off a copy of your instruction.
  1. Send the following text message to 84247

    Sharesave (space) sell (space)

    Your Sharesave Account number (space) (shown on the Maturity Instruction Form).

    Your Walmart number (space) found on your payslip

    eg. Sharesave (space) sell (space)
    12345678910 (space) 1401234567
  1. Phone 0800 023 2093 and follow the instructions to sell you shares. You will need your Sharesave account number (shown on the maturity statement) and your Walmart number (found on your payslip).

  2. Write down the reference number you receive at the end of the call.

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