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Risk Warnings

Some of the terms used in these Risk warnings are defined in section 2 of the Investment Account and ISA Terms and Conditions.

The price and value of any investments and any income from them can fluctuate and may fall. So You may get back less than the amount You invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

We will not assess the suitability of investments held for You or other services provided to You under these terms and conditions and You do not benefit from the rules of the FCA on assessing suitability.

The investments and services We offer under the Service, as defined in these terms and conditions, may not be suitable for all investors.

If You have any doubts about the suitability of an investment You should seek advice from a suitably qualified professional advisor. Accepting Your instructions does not mean that We approve or recommend the transaction.

Using the Service may alter Your personal tax position. The levels and basis of taxation can change and the value to an investor of any tax benefits depends on that individual’s tax position. We cannot give You tax advice and You should consult Your own tax advisor about any tax consequences. Your own tax treatment will depend on Your personal circumstances.

We may enter into transactions on Your behalf in investments where there is a restricted market. This might make it difficult to deal in or obtain reliable information about their value. We reserve the right not to support any of these types of investments.

There is an extra risk of losing money when buying Shares in some smaller companies, including penny Shares. There may be a significant difference between the bid and offer price of these Shares. If You need to sell them, You may get back less than You paid. The price may change quickly and may go down as well as up.

The Service does not cover every investment available in the marketplace. You are entirely responsible for Your own selection of any particular investment using the facilities on the Site and You accept that We do not provide advice or make recommendations about investments. The search facility does not take Your particular needs or circumstances into account.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the news, prices, opinions and other information on the Site are accurate and complete, We cannot guarantee this. The content is subject to change without notice. The news, prices, opinions and other information provided to You through the Site are for Your personal use, whether they are from Equiniti or from a third party.

You must not regard either the information or any opinion expressed on the Site as an offer to buy, sell or otherwise deal in any particular investment.

The information, advertisements and content on the Site apply to the UK and to UK residents only. None of the services offered on the Site are intended for use or distribution in other countries or jurisdictions. If You access the Site from outside the UK You are responsible for satisfying yourself that such access does not breach the laws of any relevant jurisdiction.

Foreign currency-based investments are subject to fluctuations in currency exchange rates, which may have an adverse effect on the value, price or income of Your investment. The markets may also be less well regulated and so may carry greater risk relating to dealing, settlement and custody practices.

We may, at Our absolute discretion, offer a facility to deal in some warrants, and these often involve a high degree of gearing. This means that a relatively small movement in the price of the underlying security a warrant relates to may produce a disproportionately large movement in the price of the warrant, favourable or unfavourable.

We may deal for You in Shares that may have been the subject of stabilisation, which enables the market price of a security to be maintained during the period when a new issue of securities is on public sale. Stabilisation may affect not only the price of the new issue but also the price of other securities relating to it. The FCA allows stabilisation as it helps avoid short-term price falls when a new issue comes onto the market and buyers are still to come forward. Stabilisation is carried out by a ‘stabilisation manager’ (normally the firm chiefly responsible for bringing a new issue to market). As long as the stabilisation manager follows a strict set of rules he is entitled to buy back securities that were previously sold to investors or allotted to institutions that have decided not to keep them. This may keep the price at a higher level than it would otherwise be during the period of stabilisation.

We may decide that, due to market conditions, We are not able to purchase or sell Shares for You within a reasonable time. In such a case, We will try to contact You for instructions. Alternatively, if the market counterparty recommends that it be given more time to complete the order, We may allow this.