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Who are Equiniti

Equiniti (EQ) are a leading provider of share registration services and we believe that the innovative services we deliver will enable you to manage your shareholding efficiently.

At EQ, our vision is to improve the experiences and outcomes for customers by delivering products and services that are accessible to all. By designing accessible services, we aren’t just assisting people with specific needs, we are unlocking benefits for all.

Our clients trust us to hold 70 million shareholder records, send £90 billion in payments each year, look after 1.1 million share plan investors and interact with 27 million shareholders and pensioners.

We provide services to a wide range of private and public organisations, including the UK Armed Forces Veterans pension scheme which we have continuously served since 1836.

EQ helps organisations meet their regulatory requirements and undertake complex tasks by combining the specialist expertise of 5,000+ colleagues with market-leading technology.

Following the move to EQ, you have a new Shareholder Reference which you’ll find at the top of your welcome letter or opening statement. You’ll need your Shareholder Reference when you get in touch, either to register online, in writing or by phone so please keep this safe.