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Overseas Payment Service

Let us help you save time & money

Instead of waiting for sterling cheques to arrive by mail, why not ask us to send your dividends direct to your bank account?

It’s a service we can arrange in over 90 countries worldwide and it normally costs less than paying in a sterling cheque. The dividend will be credited to your account automatically - normally just a few days after the company’s dividend payment date.

How can I receive dividends this way?

Using the Overseas Payment Service is easy. Equiniti can provide dividend payments that are automatically converted into your local currency, by arrangement with Citibank Europe PLC.

How much does this cost?

We deduct a payment charge from each dividend payment before we convert it into your chosen currency.

Equiniti tariff

Payment Value Admin Fee (incl VAT)
per payment
Exchange Rate
(applied per payment converted)
Up to £10.00Fee £3.00

Citibank wholesale rate
less a margin of 175 basis points.

£10.00 to
Fee £5.00
£2,501.00 to
Fee £10.00
£10,001.00 to
Fee £15.00
£25,001.00 to
Fee £20.00

Important notes:

The service may not be suitable for payments with very low value, as we deduct a payment charge.

You can not use this Service for payments over £50,000. We reserve the right not to process your request for such payments and may therefore send you a sterling cheque.

The majority of payments made through this Service will be received as domestic Automated Clearing House (ACH) credits. NB: Payments to European countries with the Euro as their local domestic currency will be received as Single Euro Payment Area (“SEPA”) credits. In some circumstances the beneficiary overseas bank or their agents may receive Wired Payments and may levy additional charges according to their policy. Encashment of a sterling cheque overseas may in many cases incur local bank charges, and at a higher rate than the payment charge quoted for this Service.

Please note the bank sorting code and account shown on the dividend tax voucher will relate to our Payment Agent - Citibank Europe PLC (18-50-08 and account ****7775).

Ready to apply?

You can download a form and the End User Terms for any one of over 90 countries right now.

Countries and forms

Alternatively you can contact Equiniti on:
+44 121 415 7047.

Please have details of your shareholding and Shareholder Reference with you.