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Obtain a share valuation

Our Share valuation service allows you to gain an indicative value of your shareholdings as at a specific date in the past. Share valuations can be provided on a 10 year rolling basis.

Obtain a share valuation

This can be useful if you are trying to value your portfolio of assets for a particular point in time or for an Evaluation of an Estate of a deceased shareholder.

It saves you time and effort in searching for historic share prices and then having to calculate the value.

It is a paid-for service; the fee is dependent on the value and number of holdings you require the valuation for. This information can also be obtained from another 3rd party but you may also be charged.​​

Please note:

The Share valuation will only include shares of the companies for whom Equiniti act as Registrar. The Share Valuation provided as a result of using this service cannot be used for Capital Gains Tax purposes.

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