Dividend Reinvestment Plan application

Company: Cable & Wireless Communications

Grow your holding

A Dividend Reinvestment Plan is a cost effective way to increase the number of shares you hold in the above Company, by automatically using your future cash dividends towards buying more shares in the Company. The number of shares you will receive for each dividend will depend on:

  • Your cash dividend (based on the number of shares you hold at the dividend record date)

  • Any cash balance brought forward from previous dividends

  • The price at which the shares are bought, and

  • The dealing costs and stamp duty reserve tax (if applicable) for the purchase of shares (see Terms & Conditions for charges).

You will receive the maximum whole number of shares which can be bought on your behalf. Any cash balance will be carried forward to your next dividend.

It’s easy

Just complete the details below and click on ‘submit’ – it will only take a few moments. Please note this application only applies to the holding entered below (Shareholder Reference). A separate application is required for additional holdings in the above Company.

Risk Warning

If you make an investment under this Plan it is in just one company. So you should think of it as one part of a balanced portfolio. The price and value of any investments and any income from them can fluctuate and may fall. Therefore, you may get back less than the amount you invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. We do not provide advice or make recommendations about investments. If you have any doubts about the suitability of an investment, you should seek advice from a suitably qualified professional advisor.

Your details

  • Shareholder Reference Number:
    This should appear on any dividend correspondence you have from us
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A copy of the Terms & Conditions referred to herein have been issued to you/made available on www.shareview.co.uk/info/drip or as detailed in the accompanying literature. These form the basis on which our services will be provided to you. For your own benefit you should read these carefully before submitting this application. If you do not understand any point please contact us using the contact details indicated in the Terms & Conditions.

You should ensure you have printed a copy of these Terms and Conditions or stored them on your computer.

Equiniti Financial Services Limited (Equiniti)

By submitting this form I/we apply to join the Dividend Re-Investment Plan (the Plan) for each future dividend paid on the fully paid up shares indicated by the above Shareholder Reference held by myself/ourselves to which the Plan is applied. I/We appoint Equiniti as my/our agent to arrange the purchase of fully paid up shares of the Company shown above in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the Plan. This request will remain in force until revoked in writing by me/us, or otherwise cancelled in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the Plan.

If the fully paid up shares indicated above are held by Equiniti Corporate Nominees Limited in a Company Sponsored Nominee Service, I/we agree to direct Equiniti to participate in the Plan in respect of all of the fully paid up shares held in the Nominee Service on my/our behalf.

To the Company

By submitting this form, I/we instruct the Company to pay my/our dividend in respect of all the shares applying to the Plan to Equiniti.


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