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Corporate Sponsored Nominee

Find out if a company you invest in offers a Corporate Sponsored Nominee (CSN). You can enjoy the convenience and reassurance of holding your shares electronically without having to keep paper certificates, whilst still receiving shareholder benefits.

The key benefits of a Corporate Sponsored Nominee


Access competitive dealing rates and faster settlement


Increase your privacy as your shareholder details are taken off the public share register


Forget about looking after paper share certificates


Benefit from the reassurance of regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)


Simplify your personal records with regular share statements

What is a CSN?

The Corporate Sponsored Nominee (CSN) is an easy way for participants to hold shares electronically. As no share certificates are produced, there is no risk of losing certificates. It works by removing investors names from the main register and holding them together with other investors in a nominee company. A separate register of underlying individual investors is maintained behind the scenes by the nominee.


​You must be aged 18 or over and a resident in the UK, European Economic Area (EEA), Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Switzerland or Gibraltar in order to participate in a CSN. Some CSNs may have additional restrictions, please check by reading the CSN Terms and Conditions for the applicable Company you hold shares in.

​​ Useful CSN T&C's & Forms​​​​

How can I transfer shares in and out of a CSN?

For shares to be held in a CSN you must transfer your existing shares by downloading and completing the relevant transfer form, available from our useful documents​ page. You can also access other forms, for example if you need to transfer shares out of a CSN.

Transfer digital shares.​​​

Will I still receive dividends?

You will still be able to receive dividends when the company pays one (dividends will be paid to you via the Nominee at the same time as other shareholders).

Also the company will generally make available financial information and give you the opportunity to instruct the nominee how you wish to vote, alternatively you may request to attend and vote at any Annual General Meeting or other General Meetings the Company may have from time to time.

Only certain companies offer shareholders the option to hold their shares in a CSN. A list of applicable companies can be found on​​ our useful documents​ page.

Contact Us

If you have any queries on the CSN you can contact us using the options below:​

Contact Us

We will deal with your request within 5 business days of receipt.

Please ensure that you have the following information at hand before contacting us:

  • Name of the company in which the shares are held;
  • Shareholder Reference for that shareholding (this can be found on the share certificate, share statement or on any previous correspondence we have sent you).

By contacting Equiniti on +44 (0) 371 384 2030 (please use the country code when contacting from outside the UK. Lines open 8:30am to 5:30pm (UK time) Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays in England and Wales). Calls outside the UK will be charged at the applicable international rate.)

Completed forms should be returned, together with your share certificate(s) to:

Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex

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