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Transfer uncertificated shares

What services do we offer?

We offer two different types of transfer service. The service you will need to use is dependent on whether the shares, you wish to transfer, are currently held in certificated format or electronically held, without certificate, as part of a Corporate Sponsored Nominee (CSN) service.

If you need help to transfer shares from a certificated holding, please click here

The Corporate Sponsored Nominee (CSN) service is an easy way for participants to hold shares electronically. As no share certificates are produced, there is no risk of losing certificates. If your shares are held in the CSN, you will still be entitled to any participant benefits. Only certain companies offer Corporate Sponsored Nominee holdings; please see the following list of participating companies.

Corporate Sponsored Nominee companies

Please note that some companies have their own name for their Corporate Sponsored Nominee holdings such as: Barclays (Barclays Sharestore), BT (Easyshare), Lloyds (LBGSA). For a complete list of company-specific names, please click on the link above.

To transfer your CSN holding, you will need to complete and return a Corporate Sponsored Nominee transfer form. Please choose from the sections below for further information about the transfer form you will require.

Please note: As companies vary with the types of shareholding they offer (whether certificated, CSN, or both), not all companies offer all transfer services. This is something we will advise you of when you request a form.


Any applicable fees will be detailed on the requested form.

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