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Register a name change

If you have changed your name then please let us know so that we have the right information registered on your shareholding.

Before you begin this process, please note:

You do not need to send us certificates or statements as these do not need to be updated with new name details;

We are unable to update holdings on the CREST system, operated by Euroclear UK & Ireland Limited. Please contact your CREST sponsor so they can arrange for your details to be updated.

How to tell us

Please send your written request to us at:

Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex
BN99 6DA

We will deal with your request within 5 business days from receipt.

Please ensure that the following details are provided:

Current and previous name of shareholder;

Signature of the shareholder (original not photocopied) or, if a corporate shareholder, a signature from the authorised corporate signatory; stating the capacity in which they sign (such as: Director, Secretary or authorised signatory);

Name of company in which the shares are held (please detail all shareholdings/companies if you have shares in more than one company);

The Shareholder Reference(s) of the shareholding(s) (this/these can be found at the top of any correspondence from us);

If you have moved, or are going to move, details of your old and new address.

Supporting documentation

All applications to change a registered name need to be accompanied by supporting documentation. The type of documents required depends on the circumstance/reason for name change. Please check the following list for the documents that we will require from you. We do not accept photo copies.

Circumstance/Type of identification documentation
Marriage or Civil Partnership certificate

Name amendment (Reverting to maiden name)
Birth Certificate or Change of Name deed. Marriage certificate should also be seen if still held

Incorrectly registered details
This depends on what is registered incorrectly:

  • 2 characters or less and name is not radically changed: No legal document required
  • Misspelt i.e. ‘Tracy to Stacy’: Bank or solicitor confirmation needed
  • Full name not registered i.e. Maggie instead of Margaret: Birth certificate
  • Initials to full name: Bank, solicitor, actuary, stockbroker, chartered accountant, insolvency practitioner or professional such as Social worker, Teacher, Doctor etc confirmation needed

Decree Absolute and Birth Certificate
(Scottish shareholders: Decree Absolute and only if maiden name not shown, Birth Certificate)

Dissolution/annulment of a Civil Partnership
Civil Partnership Dissolution Order

Name change for any other reasons
Change of Name Deed/Deed Poll

Corporate change of name
Certificate of Incorporation

All original documents will be returned to you, by 1st class mail, within 3 days of receipt.


This service is free of charge.

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