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Register a Power of Attorney

In order to take actions on behalf of a shareholder we will need a copy of a Power of Attorney document.

Register a Power of Attorney

Please send the Power of Attorney document, or certified copy, to us. We will then update the share register with the details of the shareholder (donor) who has given this status of Attorney. The Attorney will then be able to administer the shares in line with the terms detailed in the Power of Attorney document.

How to tell us

In order to update our records, we will need to see either:


The original Power of Attorney or


A certified copy of the Power of Attorney document.

If you wish to provide a certified copy, we will require the original signature of the solicitor, stockbroker or donor (the current shareholder who is giving Power of Attorney) on every page.

Please also give full details of:



The current shareholder including: full name, address;



The name(s) of the company(ies) in which the shares are held;



The Shareholder Reference(s) of the shareholding(s) (this/these can be found at the top of any correspondence from us).

If an attorney has died:

If an attorney has died, you should inform the Office of the Public Guardian, and they will annotate your Power of Attorney document accordingly. We will alternatively accept the Power of Attorney documentation alongside a copy of the late attorney’s death certificate.

Please send the documentation to us at:

Aspect House
Spencer Road
BN99 6DA

All original documents will be returned to you, by 1st class mail, within 3 days of receipt. We will deal with your request within 7 business days from receipt.


Registering a Power of Attorney is free of charge.