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Report misdirected mail

How to report misdirected mail

If you continue to receive mail for a shareholder who no longer lives at your address, please let us know. We understand that repeatedly receiving mail for previous occupiers can be an inconvenience. To help us to stop these mailings, we may need your help in tracing the former occupant.

What to do if you are currently receiving unwanted mail

The simplest action to take is to mark the post with 'return to sender'; returning it to the address below. Alternatively, you may want to contact us using one of the following methods:


To help us locate the shareholder please click here to send us an email with any contact information you may have.  If you do not have a forwarding address for the shareholder or their designated representative(s), you may have the address of the solicitor or letting agent who arranged the transfer of the property to you.

Our standard response time is to deal with your request within 5 business days from receipt.


Please see the information under "need more help?":


Download and complete an Occupier Goneaway form

Please ensure you follow the instructions on the form and then post this to:
Aspect House
Spencer Road
BN99 6DA

We will deal with your request within 5 business days from receipt.

If you are unable to download, print or complete the form, we will accept a written instruction. If you do send a written request, please provide us with as much information as possible to help us locate the shareholder.

Additional information

Once we have been informed that a shareholder no longer resides at an address, we are able to place a basic restriction on the mailings being sent. However, due to legal regulations we are unable to suppress all mailings and it is quite likely that you will still receive some mail from us.

Before all mailings can stop, the following needs to occur:

Equiniti will need to receive details of the new whereabouts of the former residents; from the current occupier or other contact;

Equiniti will need to trace and/or contact the shareholder(s) or their legal representative(s);

Equiniti will need to receive formal confirmation of the new address/circumstance of the former resident(s);

Equiniti will then need to register the updated details to the shareholding and the current occupier will no longer receive any mailings from us.

To speed up this process, if you know anything about the previous occupier, please provide us with this information.


This service is free of charge.

Need more help?

​If the information or FAQs on this page don't answer your question, you can contact us in any of the following ways:

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