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Equiniti Payment Plus

What is the Equiniti Payment Plus Scheme?

Please note: Following the conclusion of a successful trial, the Equiniti Payment Plus Scheme is currently closed to new applicants. The below information is provided for shareholders who have already joined the Scheme.

The Equiniti Payment Plus Scheme (“the Scheme”) was developed by Equiniti in partnership with M&S and introduced in 2015. The Scheme offers M&S shareholders the opportunity to use some or all of their dividend payment to purchase credit on an ‘M&S Shareholder Card’ at a 10% discount. This card can then be used for purchases in M&S's UK stores or online.

The M&S Shareholder Card works very much like a gift card, only it is exclusive to M&S shareholders and Share Service participants who participate in the Equiniti Payment Plus scheme. The card can be used for purchases in M&S UK stores or online at Through the Scheme, you can purchase the M&S Shareholder Card at a 10% discount to its face value, using all or part of your existing M&S dividend payment.

Whilst the Scheme is currently closed to new applicants, this does not affect those shareholders already in possession of a Shareholder Card, who can continue to enjoy this service. However, please note that Equiniti Payment Plus can be withdrawn by M&S or Equiniti Financial Services Limited at any time. When this takes place, any existing instruction you’ve given us - to pay your cash dividends to a bank, building society or third party or and dividend reinvestment elections - will then be re-applied as default.

Bank Account Details

If you think that we currently hold out-of-date bank/building society details for any of your shareholdings, please click here for more information.

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