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Dividend Information

The information on this page is provided by Banco Santander, S.A.

In April, the bank’s annual general meeting approved the second cash dividend payment as part of shareholder remuneration against 2021 results. As a result, a cash dividend of 5.15 euro cents per share will be paid in May 2022.

Taken together with the interim dividend paid in November 2021, the total cash dividend distributed against 2021 results will be 10 euro cents per share.

Additionally, a second share buyback programme for a maximum amount of EUR 865 million will be implemented, equivalent to 20% of the Group's underlying profit in the second half of 2021. Further information about the share buyback programme is available on Santander’s corporate website.

Including share buybacks, total shareholder remuneration against 2021 results would be €3,400 million, equivalent to a yield of 6%.

In 2022, the board’s intention is to reach a pay-out of approximately 40% of underlying profit, split evenly between cash dividends and share buybacks.

For the latest information about Santander’s dividend policy, visit the Santander corporate website.

A history of past dividend payments and their type.

For information about the December 2020 dividend distribution in shares.

The Santander Dividend Re-investment Plan

When Santander pays a standard cash dividend, you can use the funds to buy more shares by joining the Santander Dividend Re-investment Plan (the DRIP). For more information about the DRIP.

The Santander Scrip Dividend Scheme

For information about the Scrip Dividend Scheme.

Receive cash dividends directly into your bank account

You can arrange payment of your dividends directly into your bank account by postal instruction or online. This is an easier, faster and safer way to receive your cash dividend payments than receiving them by cheque. For more information about how to instruct this.

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