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Transfer certificated shares

What services do we offer?

We offer two different types of transfer service. The service you will need to use is dependent on whether the shares, you wish to transfer, are currently held as a share certificate or electronically held, as part of a Corporate Sponsored Nominee (CSN) service.

All UK companies offer certificated shares. However, only certain companies offer Corporate Sponsored Nominee holdings; please see the following list of participating companies.

If you need help to transfer shares from a CSN holding, please click here. ​​

How to...

Nationality declaration

When transferring shares in BAE Systems, Easyjet, Qinetiq, you will also need to complete and return a Nationality Declaration form. If this is applicable to you, please download, complete and return the appropriate form from below.

BAE Systems
easyJet plc


There are no fees associated with transferring certificated shares.

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