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Lost certificates

Report a lost share certificate

Santander does not issue share certificates, instead, your share entitlement is recorded in electronic format in CREST (the UK electronic share clearance and settlement system) as CREST Depository Interests (CDIs).

Each CDI you hold represents one Santander share and the Entitlement Statement you receive once a year shows your total holding.

You will receive four statements a year which will be made available online via Santander Shareview Portfolio. If you do not log on/activate your Santander Shareview Portfolio, each year one of the four statements will be issued to you in paper form. If you would prefer to receive all four of your statements in the post, please call the automated service on 0333 207 6389*(+44 1274 706525 if calling from outside the UK). You will need your Shareholder Reference.

You can also ask to receive more frequent paper statements (subject to fees), please see your statement on how to request further information including how much this would cost.

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