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Shareholder Services

Shareholder services


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Manage your shares online

  • register to receive company information

  • update your records if you change your name or address

  • get dividends paid direct into your bank account or change your instruction

  • vote at Company meetings when a meeting has been called

  • More information about portfolio 


    Vote at Company meetings when a meeting has been called

    Shareview lets you cast your vote online.

    More information about sharevote 

    Overseas Payment Service


    Overseas Payment Service

    Instead of waiting for sterling cheques to arrive by mail, why not ask us to send your dividends direct to your bank account to any one of 90 countries worldwide?

    More information about the overseas payment service 

    Please be aware that this Overseas payment service is offered by Equiniti Financial Services Limited, who operate the Santander Nominee Service for and on behalf of Santander. By clicking on the links on this page, a second window will appear taking you to the Equiniti Overseas Payment service.