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Santander Scrip Dividend Scheme

The following information is provided by Banco Santander, S.A. and is relevant to shareholders who hold their shares through the Santander Nominee Service.

The Santander Scrip Dividend Scheme provides shareholders with the option to receive further newly issued Santander shares or to receive cash instead.

When Santander intends to implement a scrip dividend a notification will be sent to you (a “Scrip Dividend Notification ”) informing you of the proposed scrip dividend and setting out the procedure you should follow in order to make your choice.

Announcement by Banco Santander - 2 April 2020 Resolutions of the Board of Directors regarding the payment of the final dividend against 2019 results and the dividend policy for 2020. PDF.

Making a scrip dividend choice online

You can view your current scrip dividend option and change this at any time by logging into your Santander Shareview portfolio below. Then visit the `My Investments' section, click on `View' and `Dividend Election' to make your choice.

If you haven't already registered, it's simple to do so below. After registering, and when you have received your activation code through the post, just log-in and follow the directions above.

Login to your portfolio 
Register for a portfolio 

Details about all previous scrip dividend payments:


Although the Santander Nominee Service is not currently required to impose Spanish withholding tax on Options 1 or 2, under Spanish tax law any cash you receive in respect of the sale of rights or an entitlement to a fraction of a share may create a Spanish tax reporting obligation for you under these two options. You should read the Taxation section in the updated Scrip Dividend Scheme Information Booklet, which you can find above, before deciding which option you wish to have applied, if Santander implements the Scrip Dividend Scheme for a dividend.

Tax information

The sale or gift of Santander shares and rights has Spanish tax reporting implications. For information on how to file a Spanish tax form (Form 210) click the button below.

Spanish tax form 

All shareholders

Please note that this scheme does not apply to all or part of a dividend being distributed as a standard cash dividend.

When a scrip dividend is implemented, and if you are a shareholder who is resident in the EEA (see definition here), and have not previously registered a scrip election with the Santander Nominee Service, the default option applied to your holding will be to receive additional new shares, instead of cash, whenever a scrip dividend is offered. If you do not wish to receive shares, the Scrip Dividend Notification Letter that will be sent to you will set out how you will be able to change your option.

For further details of how we have worked out the default applicable to certain groups of shareholders please refer to the Santander Scrip Dividend Scheme Information Booklet.

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