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Rights Issue Information

The following information is provided by Banco Santander, S.A. and is relevant to shareholders who hold their shares as CREST Depository Interests (CDIs) through the Santander Nominee Service.

A Capital Increase or Rights Issue was announced by Santander on 3 July 2017. All shareholders in the Santander Nominee Service were sent a letter, along with a short Q&A document, setting out the arrangements that were made for them in respect of the Rights Issue.

Sale of Pre-emptive Rights (Rights) prices and exchange rate

You can view the prices and exchange rate for the sale of rights here.

Tax information

The sale or gift of Santander shares and rights has Spanish tax reporting implications. The following information has been provided by Banco Santander, S.A. For information on how to file a Spanish tax form (Form 210) click here.

Any further questions?

You can view the Rights Issue Q and A here or alternatively you can contact the Santander Nominee Service using any of the ways listed in the ‘Need more help?’ section to the right of this page.

Need more help?