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Arrange direct dividend payments

How to arrange direct dividend payments

If you are a shareholder who has a UK bank/building society account, you can arrange to have dividends paid direct via a bank/building society mandate.

Existing dividend mandate details can be amended; to have dividends paid to a different bank/building society account. Dividend mandate details can also be de-selected if you'd prefer to receive payments by cheque.

Please note:

In most cases, we are unable to set mandated dividend payments to anyone other than the shareholder themselves. There are only a few exceptional circumstances when we will be able to do this; such as when the shareholder is deceased, where there is a Court Protection Order, or when another type of Order is in place.


For a dividend payment made to a UK bank or building society account, no fee is chargeable. A fee is deducted for any payment to an overseas account. Please read below for further information.

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